We are excited to announce an opportunity
for the writer in you!

The NEW School Rules: 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools.

  1. Planning for Change, Not Perfection
  2. Build Trust and Allow Authority to Spread
  3. Define the Work Before You Define the People
  4. Aim for “Safe Enough to Try” Instead of Consensus
  5. Harness the Flow and Let Information Go
  6. Schools Grow When People Grow 

What to do

We invite you to submit your 500-750 word blog post that describes your reflections on one of 6 rules or experiments. Be sure to make it personal to you and your organization -- include the a description or an example of how you might be implementing or testing these ideas.

Not all submissions can be published and we may edit submissions for length and clarity prior to submission. Selected subsmissions may receive a thank you gift, so make sure we have your correct mailing address!

And, remember to include your name and district within your blog post submission itself.

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