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Education Elements is partnering with Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS) for its second institute this school year to create an impactful event for all school and district leaders in the Tennessee area. Kingsport City Schools will be our host for this institute. The New School Rules (NSR) Leadership Institute in December is designed for teams of leaders who want to improve how their teams collaborate, make decisions, and achieve goals together. We know there is a better way for school and district teams to meet, function and make decisions, and that the changes we make to the processes as a team will lead to better academic results, stronger climate, and more thriving school systems.

Based on the best selling book, The NEW School Rules: 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools, the institute will provide teams of leaders in Tennessee an opportunity to learn directly from Anthony Kim’s team of experts in change management, organizational design, and leadership. The NSR Leadership Institute also offers the unique space to growth leadership practice, while learning and collaborating with school and district leaders from across the state of Tennessee who are thinking about the future design of schools and districts.


Who Attends the NSR Leadership Institute 

The content is designed for school and district leaders, but we welcome all interested leaders to connect with us, if they’re interested in attending. We want to bring together a group of innovative leaders who can support each other’s learning during and beyond the institute. We want to ensure that every single attendee who joins us will contribute to the engaging and transformative event.



There is limited space available, so please reserve your ticket early. We are encouraging teams of leaders to come together, so we want to reward districts who sign-up a minimum of 5 leaders. They will be rewarded an additional free registration ticket! Please email Kelly Freiheit,, for the code for the free registration ticket for the sixth attendee.


Early Bird: $400 until November 26, 2019
Regular Price: $550




We are excited to host the NSR Leadership Institute at Kingsport City Schools,

400 Clinchfield Street, Kingsport, Tennessee 



What Past Participants Are Saying


"We had a large meeting that was going 2-3 hours. After this institute, it's down to 1 hour and is productive!” 


“I just spent the last 3 years presenting and training in the field, and my "too little too late" is that I didn't have this training, your style and technique for training before I left that position. This had amazing content, but the way you presented it was awesome!”


“The practical information provided to address our specific roles and district circumstances have been extremely beneficial.”


The Experience

This Institute will focus on the six rules we have found make the biggest difference in changing the way work happens in teams, schools, and districts.

6 rules NSR 2 rows

These rules are based on more than seven years of research and our work with more than 750 schools and districts. We’ll provide an overview of the six rules, examples of how schools and districts have used the rules to become more effective, and opportunities for you to practice the rules and plan how to take them back to your own teams. By the end of the Institute, you will have a new schema for thinking about at how work gets done in your organization and the capability to bring this new way of thinking back to your teams in a way that builds deep engagement and lasting change.


The Institute includes:

  • A copy of The NEW School Rules book
  • 2 full days of training, 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM EST, including a light breakfast and lunch
  • Highly interactive activities to help you learn and practice the six rules
  • A self-assessment and leadership style quiz
  • Free access to all activities, experiments, and workouts so you can use them with your own teams


The Program:

December 10, 2019

  • Introduction to Responsive Organizational Design
  • Responsive Learning and Development
  • Responsive Planning

December 11, 2019

  • Responsive Meetings
  • Responsive Projects
  • Responsive Engagement



Meet Your Hosts and Facilitators

Angela Kennedy-Toon
Managing Partner

Kelly Freiheit
Associate Partner

Crystal 1 (1)-1-1
Crystal Xu
Design Principal





About the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents: The Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS) is the leading advocate for public education in the state of Tennessee.  Since 1975, TOSS has been progressing public education and addressing the needs of its students and administrators.  TOSS is comprised of district leaders who are committed to lifelong learning, best practice sharing, and continuous improvement.

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