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NEW School Rules Blog

The NEW School Rules: 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools is both a practical guide for how to improve the practices of schools and districts as well as a thoughtful examination of the self-imposed barriers that can get in the way of getting work done in organizations.

Dr. Cindy Elsberry

Dr. Cindy Elsberry is the former Superintendent of Horry County Schools in South Carolina and is a member for the Achieve3000 Educational Leadership Counsel. As a diverse, high-poverty district, Horry County Schools won national acclaim for its digital transformation under Dr. Elsberry’s leadership where she partnered with Education Elements to launch their Personalized Digital Learning initiative and was rated as one of the state’s highest- performing districts.

Blog Feature

Decision-Making  |  Innovative Leadership  |  Teams & Culture

Wishing for a Leadership “Do-Over”

If there was ever a time in my career as a school and district leader that I wish I could have a “do-over”, it is now.

Why, you might ask?  Well, I just finished this fascinating new book about teaming.

In fact, as I read through Anthony Kim and Alexis Gonzales-Black’s recent book, The NEW School Rules (NSR), I was taken back by how clearly they identified the dysfunctions that occur so often in school district work. They point out what I experienced time after time. Teams I led, and teams I was a member of, worked so hard to develop plans to solve our problems.  We had, what Anthony and Alexis refer to as the “effort of the engine.” But, we weren’t addressing the underlying structure, processes, and rules that our teams were using to focus and shape our efforts. Looking back, we missed in three key ways.

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